The client is a small Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company whose main product is the web- and mobile app-based CRM for gyms and fitness centers. With their CRM, fitness centers can conduct enrollments for its members online, manage class schedules, supervise the instructors of each class, and run payments and recurring billing.

*Names and identifying details have been withheld to protect the client’s privacy


Although it seemed that the client’s website was generating leads, a close inspection of their Google Analytics data showed that most of these came from direct traffic. Their existing customers would refer the client to some of their peers, and only the ones that operated in a different market. These leads would then visit the demo and sign up for a free trial.

As a SaaS company eager to scale, the client urgently needed a solution that could unlock their growth potential. They approached one of Zion Port with one goal:

Drive organic traffic to the website and app to generate leads and sales.



Step 1: Rebuild Website for SEO

1. Migrate to WordPress
Because their website was built on native HTML and not a CMS, the client could only implement 30% of our SEO analyst’s recommendations.
To execute an Organic SEO campaign properly, Zion Port proposed to rebuild their site on WordPress that would match the exact look and feel of the existing one.

2. Redesign Site Structure

The site structure and navigation were redesigned to be Search Engine- and user-friendly. For instance, the client’s existing blog, which was on a subdomain, was moved to the main site to maximize impact on SEO. The client’s custom software was also moved to more secure and non-indexed subdomain.

3. Mobile-Responsive Design

Zion Port’s Web Development Team followed responsive design best practices and made sure to create a consistent and on-brand user experience no matter what device the website was being viewed on.


After the Website Audit, Zion Port furnishes its partners with brandable reports they can present to their clients. These reports contain our recommendations for the client’s website and must be fully implemented to achieve the best results for the campaign.

On-Page Optimization

Once the website was migrated to WordPress, Zion Port’s team quickly implemented the following changes:

Landing page creation – Landing pages were created and optimized to target high-value search queries, and align the page to visitor intent.

Content Optimization – The metadata, headers, and web content of pages from the old site were optimized to better target high-value keywords.

Schema Implementation – Structured data was embedded on the client’s website to make it more intelligible to Search Engines.

Off-Page Optimization

Zion Port’s Off Page Optimization activity consisted of creating high-quality content, such as guest blogs, videos, and press releases, and disseminated these too highly authoritative websites. The client was also asked to collect reviews from their clients to bolster the ranking of their Apps on the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

By rebuilding the website on an SEO-friendly CMS, and redesigning the site-architecture and navigation to be Search Engine- and user-friendly, Zion Port created the necessary foundation for a successful Organic SEO Campaign.

This Organic SEO Campaign ranked the client on the first page for 2x more keywords than before the redesign—and in the top 3 results for 80%.

The client’s website saw a 12% average increase in organic traffic month-on-month, which then led to a 29% increase in leads.

from Zion Port

Cited From Honey Guard
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“I want to rank for the first page with these keywords.”

This is what clients tell us all the time. But, for a website in a competitive industry, ranking for money terms can be a battle itself.

In this SEO case study, I’m going to show you how we were able to get over 800 key terms of the client in the top 5 positions, with an increase in traffic, using our SEO solutions.

Brief Background about the Client

Before we proceed with the case study, I’ll give you a brief background about the client:

  • The client works in the recreation and touring industry.
  • Their website already has good traffic – with some of their key terms ranking in the first page.
  • The client’s goal was simple: get above-the-fold-rankings, specifically positions 1 to 3.

So, here’s the problem…

The client’s main keywords were directing traffic only to the homepage instead of the inner pages. Competitors have individual pages and enough quality content to talk about the keywords, while the client only has the homepage to rank for the same set of keywords they are targeting.

Keyword Google.com Position
arkansas river rafting 4
rafting arkansas river 4
royal gorge white water
colorado rafting 6
rafting in colorado 8
rafting colorado 8
white water rafting
colorado white water
whitewater rafting colorado 11
colorado rafting trips 11
white water rafting in
colorado whitewater rafting 11
colorado river rafting
colorado river rafting 26

When we checked the website, 75% of the pages that are contextually relevant to the target term “white water rafting Colorado” are linking to the homepage. While the client has an existing page for the target term, only 25% of the links point to this page — which explains why the white water rafting page is only in position 7. Because the homepage is the only one ranking for their money terms, the competition is taking over most of the online real estate above-the-fold.

Competition on the Search Results

What’s Our Solution?

The website is already ranking, so there’s no need to do extensive keyword research and choose another set of keywords to rank. But, there are three things that became the focus of our strategy:

  • The entire website structure was too cluttered and lacks organization, hindering the site from ranking for the target term.
  • Inner links needed to be established
  • The content needs improvement to provide contextual relevance to the target keywords and pages.

Solution 1: Restructuring the Site

The initial site structure of the page looked something similar to this:

Initial Website Structure

The whitewater rafting page that is contextually and syntactically relevant to one of their main target keywords is too far down the website structure, which explains why it’s not getting enough traffic.

We proposed a new hierarchy for the website to organize the pages and distribute the equity coming from the homepage to the relevant pages. Here’s what we did:

New Website Structure

  1. Initially, the white water rafting page was under the page for their adventure packages. We moved the page up to the second tier and created content that will include the key term.
  2. We organized the pages under the adventure packages and made sure they are in the appropriate categories.
  3. The content for the Why Choose Us page was transferred to the homepage to serve as one of the main USPs of the client.

The new site structure allows the pages on the succeeding tiers to earn authority from the homepage while organizing the pages to enable a more logical and contextual connection for each page’s content.

Solution 2: Linking inner pages

As most of the equity of the keywords lies on the homepage, the inner pages are being overshadowed and losing traffic from what’s supposed to come from the target keywords of the website.

With the new site structure, we were able to address inner page linking so the homepage does not cannibalize all the rankings for the target keywords.

Inner Pages Created and Linked for Contextual Support

Because we needed to get the white water rafting page ranking, we split the target keyword “white water rafting Colorado” between the homepage and the inner page. We used long-tail variations of the keyword on the homepage, while the exact matches of the keyword went on the inner page.

The new pages we created, as well as the existing pages that provide contextual support for the target term, were linked to the white water rafting page.

Solution 3: Improving website content

The homepage has a considerable amount of content, but it lacks quality content to support the unique selling proposition of the company. We didn’t want to affect the current rankings of the website, so what we did is take some of the existing content from the homepage related to white water rafting and place it on the new white water rafting page.

Instead of having the homepage explain all the information about the client’s services, we populated the new pages with content that are relevant to the intent of the keywords they are targeting. Some of the content on the inner pages were rewritten to address keyword stuffing.

After All That Here’s What We Got

After applying these solutions, we were able to:

Increase the traffic to nearly 8,000 from the initial 2,500 monthly visitors the website is receiving, showing a growth of almost 300%.

Increase in Organic Traffic

Over 800 keywords of the clients from the initial 300 are now in the top 5 positions.

Keywords on Top 5 Positions

We were able to rank 50 terms on positions 1 to 3, including the main keyword targets of the client.

Keywords on Top 1 to 3 Positions

With the increase in organic rankings, the client had less reliance on ad spend.

So, were we able to achieve the client’s goals? A big YES! The strategy may appear simple — because it really is! It’s all about finding the right opportunities on the website, looking for the pain points, and implementing the right methodology.

Needless to say, the client was happy with the results — and this means another satisfied business for our partner.

from Zion Port

Cited From Honey Guard
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I want to share with you another Legal Client that we’ve recently helped achieve amazing results. Since we’ve shared about how our team can help legal services get more exposure. Well, getting another call seemed to be around the corner and it was. We’ve met up with a man who shared my namesake. So it made the conversations that more fun from the first meeting and forward.

Again, Zion Port puts our best foot forward when it comes to tackling your website needs. Our methodology just works and the results you can experience for yourself. Let me tell you about our client in this case study.

The mission statement of New York based Storobin & Associates, P.C. is to make sure that common man can have the services of a Wall Street lawyer, without the exorbitant prices charged by white-shoe law firms to cover their expense accounts. David Storobin is the principal attorney of Storobin & Associates, P.C.

Although the website had a good amount of content, the Title Tags and other HTML tags were not at all SEO friendly. Also, Storobin’s competitors were well-established websites. Another problem was that Storobin.com website did not have any inbound links.

Zion Port team started off with keyword research after consulting with the client. Once the keywords were finalized the next step was including these keywords in the HTML code of the website. After that, Zion Port team submitted the website to local search engines and directories. Also, Zion Port started researching other law related websites and asked them to link to Storobin.com

David started seeing results in two months. Currently, he has seen 150% increase in website traffic and is quite happy with the results Zion Port was able to achieve.

from Zion Port

Cited From Honey Guard
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Our recent client is a real estate agent and I was thrilled when we got this contract. There are a handful of industries that are very ripe and SEO would be a really excellent solution. This is one of those cases. Because of this, we knew we had to bring a lot of educational material to the client and what he might expect but more importantly he wasn’t willing to say no. He just wanted to make sure he found the right agency.

The client wanted more local exposure to attract more targeted visitors that will later be converted into clients. The client was aware of the importance of SEO promotion such mercilessly competitive niche as “real estate”: no optimization meant no positions in TOP pages of Google and just as importantly no leads to convert into clients.

After a website audit and we walked him around our live dashboard that we setup for every client., we created a set of the most relevant and useful keywords and then started placing backlinks among partner websites.

Note: Our criteria for selecting the referencing sources for promotion:

1) Relevant subject (for instance, real estate);

2) Same domain zone (the USA in our case);

3) Same language (English).

We regularly check our partner websites to deliver the most tangible results to our clients.

Due to its small link weight, the website had weak rankings for user queries. When many sources with authority have links to the website, it gains its own authority, which makes it more attractive to search engines. Considering this, we kept building link juice. During the campaign, our system has placed a large number of high-quality links from very high authority web sources.

Such “weight gain” bore fruit: over 50 client-generating keywords have improved their positions in Google. Now they are attracting more targeted visitors and, accordingly, generate more clients.

As it was previously mentioned, the real estate niche is one of the most crowded areas in the US domain zone. The competitions get harsher with every day, making business owners fight each other for a client. Leaving your website to its own business in such an atmosphere is a reckless decision, to put it mildly. We offer you a budget-friendly solution that will efficiently provide you with an advantage over your competitors and help you get an honorary place in Google search results.

from Zion Port

Cited From Honey Guard
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In this case study, I want to talk about a travel outlet based in Orlando, FL. So you can imagine what the focus is about. You guessed it, leveraging travelers who are going to Disneyland. This is a unique industry and the biggest selling point we had to offer was that it didn’t look as if their competitors weren’t doing any SEO of their own.

So we spent the initial hours determining the cost of a visitor. With our intake form, we collected enough information. Once we understood what the client wanted and we told him what we can do for him. We got the green-light.

Again, this case study is how Zion Port helps Orlando based “Know Before You Go Inc” increase sales of Disneyland tickets by 35 %.

Zion Port Appraisal:
“We are very happy & satisfied with the dedicated and ethical SEO services offered by Zion Port team”

— Milad Chater, Owner of Know Before You Go Inc

Know Before You Go Inc is an attraction ticket and travel outlet operating from Orlando for the last 16 years. Being a traditional brick and mortar business, Know Before You Go Inc decided to develop an e-commerce website to increase their market share.

Know Before You Go Inc worked with a few SEO vendors but things did not work out. This made them spend a lot on Paid search to drive traffic. Also, there was no form of analytics installed on the website. This made it pretty difficult to measure natural traffic and Paid traffic.

Zion Port team realized that there was not enough content on the home page. Also, Know Before You Go Inc did not have links from important directories or other travel related websites. After explaining these shortcomings to Milad Chater from Know Before You Go Inc, Zion Port team added a good amount of content on the home page and started working on getting links from few important directories and websites.

According to Milad, “Zion Port was able to deliver the rankings we were looking for a lot quicker and more efficiently than other SEO companies we dealt with. We started to notice improvement almost immediately and it took about 6-8 weeks to get the results we were looking for. We noticed an increase in sales of about 30-35% after reducing our paid advertising by 30-40 %.”

from Zion Port

Cited From Honey Guard
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Let me share with you a unique case study. First things first, we always start with showing a potential client our live dashboard. Not only does it show stats but it also has the means for him to track all the leads that we deliver. Again, this is total transparency.

Offering thousands of flights, hotel specials, and destination activities and showcasing incredible travel packages daily, Direct Flights International (DFI) is quickly becoming Australia’s favorite choice for online discount travel. With constantly updated travel offers combined with our award-winning dynamic site, Direct Flights keeps your fingers on the pulse of the hottest travel deals for both domestic and worldwide excursions.

Since it’s 1990 establishment as a niche travel operator to Vietnam, Direct Flights International has developed into one of the most respected travel wholesalers across Australia. This has been accomplished by combining award-winning dynamic technology, outstanding customer service, and providing unbelievable prices from over 40 air carriers worldwide and literally thousands of hoteliers across the globe.

With Direct Flights, you can find the flights you need, the ideal accommodations, the most convenient transportation options, and the activities you want – all at the price you can afford! Travel has never been this good.

DFI contacted Zion Port to improve their search engine presence to increase flight bookings. The site had no position for important keywords at all. This was quite obvious since the site’s architecture and link structure did not comply with search engine guidelines. The domain name redirected to an internal directory. The URLs had been built dynamically.

We had several conversations with the client to have the site made search engine friendly. The dynamic URLs were converted into static. The redirect was removed and we added a lot of keyword-rich content. Our consultation included a recommendation on adding content regularly, which is still being followed. Once the site architecture improvements had been made, we built in the best SEO practices including meta tags, on-page code optimization, link popularity development, implementation of Web 2.0 tactics, and other body optimization.

At both the three- and six-month marks, the client experienced a noticeable increase in the traffic and inquiry frequencies, and at nine months they saw major improvements in rankings. Currently, more than 200 keywords are ranking on the first page of the search engines.

The organic traffic in the last six months has increased from 18,000 to more than 33,000.

from Zion Port

Cited From Honey Guard
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Zion Port Appraisal:

Because my industry is so specialized I did not have the competition that some companies might have. I was told I would start seeing results in a few months but I actually started seeing results in just a few weeks. We have picked up many new clients and candidates because of our search engine placement that Zion Port helped us with.

– Craig Robins, Owner of Robins Consulting
Robins Consulting, LLC,
4345 Lindbergh Dr. Addison, TX 75001

Robins Consulting has made its mark in employment recruitment by focusing solely on jobs in transportation, logistics, and supply chain. At Robins Consulting, the mission is simple: to make precise matches and build long-lasting relationships. In short, they pride themselves on being industry insiders.

Reading a few newspaper articles about how SEO can help small businesses grow, Craig Robins started to search for an SEO company. However, his budget was limited and even one man SEO specialists he consulted were charging in the region of $50 to $500 per hour for SEO work. The challenge was to find a good SEO vendor who would fit into the small budget which Robins Consulting had for internet marketing.

Based on Robins Consulting requirements, Zion Port recommended an Enterprise SEO Package. After some initial consultation, Zion Port team began working on this project. Craig was initially concerned, but the customer service was great from day one and since then all his fears have been forgotten. The Zion Port technical team was very experienced and knowledgeable and explained everything very systematically. Overall everything was excellent.

Says Craig, “Because my industry is so specialized I did not have the competition that some companies might have. I was told I would start seeing results in a few months but I actually started seeing results in just a few weeks. We have picked up many new clients and candidates because of our search engine placement that Zion Port helped us with. Our visibility increased dramatically and the results have paid for themselves many times over. Having a website is great but if no one can find you it really can’t help your business”.

So would you recommend Zion Port to others? “Our sales have increased by 100 % since we partnered with Zion Port. So yes. Absolutely. Give them a try and see the results for yourself.”

from Zion Port

Cited From Honey Guard
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